What is in bee pollen? – All About The Ingredients And How To Take It


There is virtually no limit as to how many different ways a bee pollen supplement can improve your health, but you should know what is in bee pollen before you incorporate it into your diet and you should also educate yourself on how to take it. The combination of this knowledge and the right supplement will allow you to capitalize on all of bee pollen’s most promising benefits.

What Is In Bee Pollen?

Vitamins: There are numerous vitamins found in bee pollen. The vitamin A content can help with your vision; the various B vitamins can help treat skin problems and speed up your metabolism; vitamin C empowers your immune system, assisting with your body’s ability to fight off illness; vitamin D enhances the body’s absorption of calcium, which promotes strong bones and teeth.

Minerals: The mineral content in bee pollen is quite vast as well – calcium is there to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis; zinc is there to modulate brain excitability in order to assist with mental focus and learning potential; the iron content supplies your cells with the resources necessary to combat against infection; potassium plays a key role in maintaining the general functioning of your body including the functioning of the heart, kidneys, nerves, muscles and digestive system.

Enzymes: Catalase, amylase and diastase are examples of enzymes that are responsible for your body’s ability to recover from exercise and physical injuries – bee pollen is packed full of them.

How Do You Take Bee Pollen?

Now that you know more about what is in bee pollen, you should take the time to learn how to take it. Traditionally, bee pollen comes in two forms: pills/capsules and raw granules. Both forms have their own dosage guidelines:

– For pills/capsules, you should start with 1000 mg per day and slowly work your way up to 2000 mg per day.

– For raw granules, it is recommended that you start with a single teaspoon per day and gradually increase your dose to two full teaspoons per day.

Steadily incorporating bee pollen into your diet in this processional manner is important because it allows your body to adjust to the change in nutritional intake.

The Highest Quality Supplement

There is more to it than just knowing what is in bee pollen and how to take it – you also need to find the right supplement. Here at bee-pollen-supplement.com, we are currently recommending Maxalife’s MX Pollen Energy to dieters who are searching for the best bee pollen supplement available.

The bee pollen that Xtend-Life uses to make this product is harvested from New Zealand – a country that exhibits amazing environmentally-friendly traits – and it is also freeze-dried during preservation, which is very important because it retains 100% of the pollen’s nutritional ingredients.

The nutritional content found in this product has been measured higher in quality than any other contemporary bee pollen product.

If you would like to learn more about what is in bee pollen, you can visit Maxalife’s website where they have great information detailing the answers to your inquiries.


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