What Does Bee Pollen Taste Like?


You may or may not already know about the amazing health benefits of bee pollen, but have you ever wondered what bee pollen tastes like? You’re usually faced with a choice between two traditional forms: Raw granules or capsules.

The taste factor only comes into play if you’re eating the raw granules, so not only should you learn about how it tastes, but you should also educate yourself on how to take it in the right doses so you can decide which form of bee pollen you plan on taking.

So, What Does Bee Pollen Taste Like?


The way bee pollen tastes can vary depending on which plant it is harvested from. It usually ranges from being bitter to being adequately sweet. Regardless of what it tastes like, if you’re eating raw granules it’s usually recommended that you mix it in with different foods – like a bowl of cereal or a shake. There’s really no point in eating it completely raw unless you truly prefer it that way.

Speaking of no point – it’s actually a lot easier to go with bee pollen in capsule form. You only have to drink it down like a pill and the hassle of having to mix it in with your meal is not involved.

Take the Right Doses


Whether you decide to go with raw granules or capsules, there are particular dosage guidelines for both forms.

– For capsules, start with 1000 mg per day and gradually work your way up to 2000 mg per day.

– For granules, start with a single teaspoon per day and slowly increase your dose to two full teaspoons per day.

The process of beginning with an initial low dose and then increasing it over time is crucial in making sure that your body can adjust to the supplement and also reduces the risk of having a severe allergic reaction.

Find A High Quality Product

So, now you know more about what bee pollen can taste like and how to take it properly – the next thing on your list should be to find the right supplement. Bee pollen varies in quality as much as it does in taste – the combination of environmental factors and the way it is preserved has a major impact on its nutritional content.

Ideally, you want to purchase a supplement that is made from bee pollen that comes from a healthy environment – the health of the flowers and the bees that collect pollen has a direct correlation with the ultimate quality of a bee pollen supplement. Low pollution levels and a lack of human disturbance are highly recommended for a harvesting region.

Also, you want to keep away from bee pollen that is heat-dried during storage. (Heat-drying severely compromises nutritional content and can even lead to spoilage.)

MX Pollen Energy is a health supplement made from bee pollen that is freeze-dried and harvested from the clean, green region of New Zealand – both very ideal attributes in terms of ultimate quality and nutritional content.

If you would like to learn more about bee pollen taste factors and how you can start incorporating the right supplement into your diet, you can visit Maxalife’s website where they have great information detailing these topics.


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