Vivapura Bee Pollen – Is This Your Best Option?

Vivapura bee pollen is one of the brands that manufactureVivapura bee pollen bee pollen supplements. The brand claims to be using the best bee pollen, although they do not mention the source from where the pollen has been obtained.

This does lead to some confusion about the authenticity of the source.

Now, since the source of the pollens play a very important role in the benefits that are provided by them, it becomes quite difficult to rely completely on the safety of Vivapura bee pollen.

Why Is The Source Of Bee Pollen Important?

Bee pollen is harvested in many areas of the world, and also in highly industrial regions such as USA and China. However, there are some dangers associated with the consumption of bee pollen supplements manufactured using these pollens.

Since the flowers and the pollens themselves are very sensitive to the environment, they tend to absorb the contaminants present in the atmosphere. This leads to very high toxic content in the pollens harvested in such areas.

Furthermore, most of the pollen supplements that are imported from these countries have been found to contain very high levels of chemical insecticides and pollutants, which could later lead to serious ailments.

Therefore, it is best to avoid these supplements and instead opt for those that are manufactured using excellent quality bee pollen.

What Is The Best Source Of Bee Pollen?

Quite a lot of us wonder about what could be the best source of bee pollen. Now, as has been already mentioned, flowers are very sensitive to their environment. This obviously means that pollens harvested in cleaner areas will be safe and also more beneficial to the body.

New Zealand is known to be the only country in the world that has not yet been affected by any form of pollution. Also, there are a number of reasons why bee pollen from New Zealand is considered to be the best. These are:

  • A pollution-free environment that prevails all over the country
  • Almost zero rate of industries in New Zealand
  • Their completely natural methods of harvesting (no use of chemicals insecticides or pesticides)
  • Minimal population of the country

All these, and also some other environmental factors contribute to make it the best source of bee pollen.

The Dangers Associated With Consuming Unclean Bee Pollen

Now that you are aware of the differences between bee pollen obtained from clean and unclean sources, it is easy for you to realize the dangers that are associated with the consumption of bee pollen from unclean sources.

  • Risks of side-effects is increased with the consumption of supplements made from unclean bee pollen
  • The supplements contain toxic materials which could damage the immune and also the digestive system of the body
  • Although bee pollen is relatively safe, the consumption of impure bee pollen could pose serious risks to the health of pregnant women
  • Such supplements can also be a cause of allergies and other ailments

Where To Get The Best Bee Pollen Supplement?

Among all the bee pollen supplements that are available in the market today, Xtend-Life Natural Energy is probably the most popular and also the safest one. This is mainly due to the fact that the pollens used in the manufacture of these supplements are obtained from the pristine sources in New Zealand, thus ensuring its safety.

In contrast to Vivapura bee pollen, the pollens used in Pollen Energy are harvested without the use of any chemical fertilizers that may cause harm to the body. The company employs further scientific methods in the preparation of these supplements which make it even more easily digestible, eventually providing greater potency.

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