Top Energy Supplements –

Which Should You Choose?


Just about every one of us is affectedTop Energy Supplements by certain times where we seem to lack the energy sufficient to carry out our tasks for the day.  Sometimes, it can feel as if we never have enough energy no matter how much we sleep, or the diet we are keeping.

This can be because of a lack of the proper nutrients in our diet, and so there are several different energy supplements that claim to help cure our energy deficiency.  Here we will go over the facts about the top energy supplements and help you to know which is best.


Why Are We So Exhausted?

Millions of people worldwide suffer from a lack of energy.  There are many, many reasons behind this lack including:

  • Lack of Quality Sleep – The average American today gets about 6.5 hours of sleep.  It is recommended that we get about 8 hours and that we work to reduce distractions in bed such as lights, sounds and annoyances such as pets.
  • Disorganization – Surprisingly, if you come home to a cluttered house or room, or work in an office full to the brim with files, folders, and papers, your energy levels could suffer as a result.
  • Nutrition – While the above reasons — and others — can contribute to your energy problem, by far the most important thing you can do to increase energy is get the right nutrients.  With the proper combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, your body will be more energetic than ever and you will be able to fulfill all your required tasks for the day.


What Are My Options?   

So if you are already trying to get better sleep and keep your life more organized, it is time to start eating right and supplementing your diet with the right types of nutrients.  As a general rule to the foods you should eat, make sure you getting nuts, berries, fresh vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lean meats.

This alone is a good start to getting the maximum energy and enjoyment out of your life, and helping your body to feel the best.  There is, however, more you can do.  Energy supplements are a way to get that extra pick me up that you need.  There are many myths about these supplements, however, and these are the facts about the top energy supplements:

  • Energy Drinks – Energy drinks are super-caffeinated sugar bombs that give your body a temporary boost in energy but can also have a bunch of unwanted consequences.  This boost in caffeine levels is not your body’s natural way of increasing energy and actually starts to create a dependence on the substance, meaning you will have to drink an energy drink more often all the time to avoid feeling exhausted.
  • Caffeine Pills – These pills are touted as the solution for those working long hours on projects or who are going to be doing strenuous work for long periods of time.  Again, because of the caffeine content, you will experience a boost in energy but then “crash” when it is over, requiring yet more caffeine to try to continue.  Health side effects include inability to sleep, nausea, vomiting, and even inability to concentrate after taking repeatedly.
  • Bee Pollen – This one is considerably less known to the general population, which is a shame because bee pollen provides a prolonged, natural energy high to the body without any of the adverse side effects of caffeine.  It includes many natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a combination that boosts energy, immune system functions, aids athletic endurance, relieves stress, works for allergy-resistance, and improves sexual health.



Obviously, the evidence supports bee pollen as the best of the top energy supplements.  If you want more than a short burst of energy that leaves you feeling low afterward (energy drinks and caffeine supplements), you should definitely give bee pollen a try.

We have selected Maxalife’s Pollen Energy with NZ Bee Pollen as the best energy product on the market because its bee pollen is harvested from the cleanest areas in New Zealand.  This allows it to be free from the pollutants and chemicals that plague other pollen products.

Our other reason for recommending Maxalife is that they are a company that truly understands the facts behind health and supplementation and they provide the most natural and nutritious products available.  Check them out here for more information.