Is It Safe To Consume Too Much Bee Pollen?


Although bee pollen is considered to be absolutely safeToo Much Bee Pollen for human consumption, the intake of too much bee pollen that comes from unclean sources can be quite harmful.

These are usually those supplements that are imported from countries like China and USA, and the presence of contaminants in these supplements make them dangerous.


Is it safe to consume too much bee pollen?

Bee pollen that has been certified pure is absolutely safe for regular consumption. As a matter of fact, health experts recommend that the regular consumption of bee pollen can help the body fight against a number of ailments, and thus they play an essential role in keeping the body healthy.

Furthermore, even if one consumes too much of pure bee pollen, there are no side effects. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that the bee pollen supplement being consumed comes from a clean source, and has been scientifically manufactured. These factors ensure that the supplement is safe for use, and is beneficial for health.

As has already been mentioned above, there are certain bee pollen supplements that pose a real risk to your health. The ones made from pollens harvested in highly polluted countries such as USA and China are examples of such supplements.

Consumption of too much bee pollen obtained from these sources could cause considerable harm to your body.


The Risks of Taking Too Much Bee Pollen

Consumption of too much bee pollen that has been obtained from polluted sources is associated with some major risks. These are:

  • These supplements contain considerable amounts of DNA and RNA in them. However, these are also present in most of the foods that we eat, and any further consumption could lead to an overdose of these acids.
  • The consumption of too much DNA and RNA produces uric acid. This is very harmful to tendons, joints and ligaments.


What is Good Quality Bee Pollen?

To stay safe from all the dangers mentioned above, and also to be safe from the side effects caused by polluted bee pollen supplements, it is wise to go for bee pollen supplements that are made of pollen obtained from cleaner sources.

New Zealand is the only country in the world which produces excellent quality bee pollen. There are several reasons behind this, the most important one being the environment of the country.

The country has very limited number of industries, and this has ensured that the air circulating through the country is free from all forms of pollution.

Furthermore, the winds blowing through New Zealand come directly from Antarctica. Since this place too is un-inhabited, the winds coming from here also do not contain any pollutants.

The minimal population of New Zealand and their completely natural method of farming further promote the harvesting of good quality pollen.

Research and extensive studies on bee pollen has concluded that taking too much bee pollen, if from the pristine sources of New Zealand, does not cause any negative side effects on the body.


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