Texas Bee Pollen – Be Warned About The Dangers Of Certain Bee Pollen Supplements

Texas Bee Pollen

What is Texas bee pollen?

Bee pollen supplements that are manufactured in Texas are usually referred to as Texas bee pollen supplements. Also, there are quite a few bee-farms in the area who specialize on harvesting pollen that is used in the manufacture of these pollen supplements, thus given the name Texas bee pollen.

However, it has been found that there is some major health risks associated with the consumption of bee pollen harvested in this area. The article here focuses on this, while also describing why the consumption of bee pollen from cleaner sources is recommended and encouraged.

Why do health experts recommend the consumption of clean bee pollen?

Bee pollen is the only complete found on the Earth. This means that bee pollen contains all the known vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids that are required for the healthy living of a human being. Additionally, it has also been found that no other substance on the Earth contains as much nutrients as can be found in these pollens.

Bee pollen supplements that are made from high quality pollens collected from cleaner sources are known to contain all these nutrients in the purest form, that is, without any contamination or toxic materials.

Furthermore, consumption of bee pollen supplements that are made from the best quality pollens also ensures that you, as a user, do not get negatively affected by these contaminants.

Where can I find the best bee pollen?

As you must have already concluded, the best bee pollen is harvested in areas that are actually free from pollution. This makes New Zealand the only place in the world to produce excellent quality pollen.

New Zealand, as we all know, is probably the only place in the world that remains free from all forms of pollution. This gives the bees there a chance to roam around freely, collecting only pollens that are good in quality and excellent for our health.

Why should I prefer New Zealand bee pollen over Texas bee pollen?

When the pollens obtained from Texas were closely examined and tested, the results found were rather disturbing. The pollens were known to contain:

  • Dangerous levels of lead
  • Harmful toxins
  • Certain harmful chemicals
  • Traces of insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers
  • Impurities associated with polluted air and water

Countries that are industrially highly developed, such as USA and China, are also known to be highly polluted. This means that the flora and fauna there suffer from the ill-effects of pollution.

On the other hand, pollen harvested in New Zealand does not involve any use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and thus the process is completely natural. This is one of the major reasons why the best bee pollen supplements are made in New Zealand.

Our recommended bee pollen supplement

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In contrast to Texas bee pollen, the use of our featured Maxalife bee pollen supplement has been classified as absolutely safe for human consumption, even on a regular basis.

The company also follows the strictest guidelines laid down by various drug administering agencies from around the world in the manufacturing process of these supplements, ensuring that you get the safest supplements.

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