Spring Valley Bee Pollen – Why Bee pollen From New Zealand Is Better?

Spring Valley Bee Pollen – What Is It?

Spring Valley bee pollen is a popular brand that manufactures bee pollen supplements. The company is known to manufacture an array of bee products, and though the products manufactured by them have been found to be a little beneficial, there is no information given by the company that identifies the source of the bee pollen used.

Why is the source of bee pollen important?

The world is developing at a fast pace, and this has not only affected us humans, but also the flora and fauna that prevails all over the world.

Bees too, have not managed to stay safe from all this activity, and this is clearly shown by the quality of bee pollen that is collected from a beehive or a honeycomb.

For bees to gather excellent quality pollen, they have to have access to flowers that are grown naturally and are healthy. This is only possible in areas which are untouched by pollution, and where no use of pesticides and fertilizers are made in the growing of flowers or harvesting of pollens.

Furthermore, countries which are highly developed in regards to industries and technology are known to be severely polluted, such as United States and China for example. (This is also one of the main reasons why pollens from these countries are known to contain large amounts of contaminants, which also include toxic materials and heavy metals.)

On the other hand, countries which have still managed to remain unpolluted are known for their high quality pollen. New Zealand is one such country, and this makes it one of the top suppliers of excellent quality bee pollen.

Companies that use pollen obtained from New Zealand show this source non-hesitatingly on their Certificate of Analysis, whereas the others that are unsure of their quality chose to keep this a secret.

Why bee pollen from New Zealand is considered to be the best?

As has already been mentioned above, New Zealand is a clean country that is still protected against all forms of pollution, (due to location) and this gives the bees here a chance to search freely for excellent quality pollen.

Furthermore, the flowers grown here for harvesting bee pollen are grown naturally, without the use of any pesticides and fertilizers.

In addition to the environmental factors, pollen from New Zealand also contains a greater number of benefits than any other country that harvests pollen. Some of the main advantages of using bee pollen from New Zealand are:

  • Enhancing your energy levels – bee pollen contains a large number of proteins and vitamins that help in enhancing the energy of your body.
  • Suppressing your appetite – the pollens have been known to be very helpful to people who are dieting. They play an important role in eliminating the cravings.
  • Increased libido – there have been unconfirmed reports that suggest that the use of bee pollen from New Zealand increases your sexual activities and helps you perform better and longer.

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