Royal Jelly Vs Bee Pollen – Which Is

Best For Your Health?

Royal Jelly Vs Bee Pollen

As the popularity of bee supplements gradually increases,royal jelly, bee pollen so does the debate on Royal Jelly Vs Bee Pollen.

And though both of these have a large number of health benefits associated with their consumption, consumers should take them together for optimal therapeutic effects.

In this article, we compare some points in regards to Royal Jelly Vs Bee Pollen.

Royal Jelly Vs Bee Pollen – What They Are

Royal jelly is considered to be the food for the queen bee, and is a type of milky white matter that is secreted by the regular working bees.

This royal jelly is packed with nutrients, and is also considered the main reason why the queen bee goes on to live for five years, where as the normal bee lives for a period of only a month. These working bees only feed on simple bee pollen. In that sense, royal jelly is superior to bee pollen.

The granules that are collected by the working bees from the flowers that they choose are called bee pollens. After collecting pollen from the flowers, the bees put them into special baskets that are attached to their hind legs.

You will be surprised to know that bees are very particular about the pollen they collect, and this can result in very high quality bee pollen (if the bees are in a high quality unpolluted area to begin with.)

The method for the collection of bee pollen is also very scientific. Special devices are attached to the gate of the hive, and as soon as the bees go into the hive, a small amount of pollen is very finely brushed from their baskets. Since the bees always carry excess pollen with them, this is considered to be a sustainable method.

Advantages Associated With Bee Products

The main advantages offered by bee pollen are as follows:

  • Heals prostate problems in men
  • Relieves menopausal symptoms in women
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • Increase in endurance as well as energy levels in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Contains anti-aging properties that are beneficial for the skin

Royal jelly also offers some of the above mentioned advantages, but not all of them. Some of the additional benefits that come from royal jelly are that it Vastly Increases Brain Clarity, harbors Massive Antioxidant Protection, offers liver protection – and even offers Anti-Aging Capabilities!

Therefore, in this comparison of royal jelly Vs bee pollen, both are potent substances that can benefit our health in their own right.

As far as the longer life of the queen bee is concerned, it is, to some extent, related to the consumption of royal jelly.

However, natural health experts also believe that if bee pollen is consumed in sufficient amounts and for a prolonged time, it can also increase the overall life span of humans. So, both substances could in fact increase our life span…

The Best Source of Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly – What We Use Daily

The most effective and also the purest bee pollen is known to come from places that are virtually pollution-free, and these include places such as northern parts of Canada and New Zealand.

New Zealand is actually the preferred source of these pollens since the air here is cleaner and there are almost no chances of contamination.

On the contrary, bee pollen supplements manufactured in China are known to contain contaminants, and this makes them low in quality.

In order to get the best bee pollen supplements, it is advised that you do some research on the supplements that are available.

Remember, bee pollen supplements arehoney bee pollen essential if you are looking for a product that will help protect your body even in the long run.

The bee pollen supplement that we recommend and have been using for the last decade with fantastic health results, is called MX Pollen Energy. This supplement is manufactured by Maxalife and contains freeze-dried bee pollen of the highest quality, pure royal jelly – coupled with an infusion of high quality vitamin c. On top of all that, the substances are sourced from pristine areas of New Zealand.

In fact, Pollen Energy from Maxalife is the bee pollen supplement that we have found to be the most beneficial when it comes to all of the bee pollen products available on the market.