Risks Of Bee Pollen – Make The Right Choice When Buying Bee Pollen Supplements

Risks of bee pollen – Are they real?

Although bee pollen is very advantageous to health, one must understand that like any other medication or supplements, consumption of pollen supplements is also associated with some risks.

Now, there are some risks that arise due to allergies caused by bee stings, or for that matter, anything that is produced by these bees.

The number of people suffering from these allergies is small, and the patient can only expect some mild reaction in the body.

These reactions give the typical symptoms that are seen during any allergy. The most common symptoms known are headache, watery eyes or just nausea.

However, for people who are very allergic to bee products can experience severe reactions. For them, the risks of bee pollen consumption are quite high.

The patient may undergo anaphylactic shock, and this could either be serious or even fatal.

However, this happens in very rare cases. Research and surveys have shown that only one out of every ten thousand people consuming bee pollen supplements actually faces this risk that could be a result of bee pollen consumption.

Some rare risks of bee pollen supplements

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are a few other risks that are associated with the consumption of bee pollen supplements. However, these risks are also very rare and are hardly spoken about.

One major risk involved here is due to the consumption of bee pollen in large amounts. When this happens, the person does not do any good to his or her body. On the other hand, this could further harm his overall body.

The resulting dangers could be:

  • Excessive health cell renewal – there are some bee pollen products that contain ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). In general, these are considered to be excellent sources for renewal for cells in the body. But the fact is, RNA and DNA are also present in most of the foods that we consume, and too much consumption of bee pollen supplements will result in an overdose. This may cause serious issues.
  • Production of uric acid – furthermore, too much ingestion of DNA and RNA also results in the production of uric acid in the body. This is very harmful to some parts of the body such as joints, tendons and ligaments.

These risks of bee pollen are not common, and can be completely avoided by the consumption of bee pollen in recommended dosages.

Buying great quality bee pollen supplements

The intake of good quality bee pollen supplements is very necessary if you wish to stay away from any side effects that may result due to the consumption of inferior quality supplements.

It is advised to purchase bee pollen that has been obtained from natural sources, that is, from places where bees collect pollen in a natural way.

Some brands use pollen that has been harvested using pesticides and fertilizers, and this sometimes makes them hard to digest, thus also giving rise to digestive issues.

This is precisely why health experts always recommend using bee pollen that has been harvested in New Zealand.

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