Raw Bee Pollen Dosage Guidelines – Learn How Much to Take


With all of its various nutritional qualities, it’s noRaw Bee Pollen Dosage wonder that bee pollen has grown in popularity as a health supplement; in order to properly benefit from bee pollen you must first learn the guidelines pertaining to the right raw bee pollen dosage.

These guidelines are important for avoiding vitamin overdose and allergic reactions.

– First test for allergies: In order to make sure that you have no allergies to bee pollen, take a very small sample of it and place it on your tongue.

Let it sit for a little bit and if you don’t experience a negative reaction, then you can swallow it.

You can choose to repeat this process a couple of times in order to let your body adjust to the bee pollen, but it’s very important to make sure that you run this test at least once.

– Correct dosage: The best way to obtain the right raw bee pollen dosage is to start with a single teaspoon every day. As time progresses, you can slowly increase your daily dose to two hefty-sized teaspoons. Do not ever exceed more than two full teaspoons.

Alternatively, if you are taking bee pollen in capsule form, then you will want to make sure that you never exceed more than 2000 mg per day.

– Mix it with food: If you don’t like the way raw bee pollen tastes, you can mix it in with a meal. Cereal, oatmeal and shakes are some of the more popular things to mix bee pollen into, but it’s ultimately all about personal preference.


How Do You Know if You’re Taking the Right Bee Pollen?

After deciding on a daily raw bee pollen dosage, your next step is to find the right product. The only way to know if bee pollen is of the highest quality is to take two specific factors into account: the environment it comes from and the way it is preserved.

Would you be okay with taking bee pollen that was obtained from diseased bees? Unless you are interested in harming your body, that would most likely not be a wise choice.

Always keep in mind that pollen is a product of nature – if pollution is having a negative effect on nature, then it is having a negative effect on pollen as well. A clean, pollution-free region is most ideal for a harvesting environment.

Secondly, freeze-drying is an imperative part of the preservation process of bee pollen. This is because freeze-drying retains the nutritional content of bee pollen to its full extent, contrary to the method of heat-drying, which can damage ingredients and potentially spoil them.

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Simply knowing the proper raw bee pollen dosage is not enough. If you are truly interested in maintaining your good health, then you will want to find the best bee pollen supplement available – The Maxalife Website has plenty of natural health information that can help you decide for yourself.


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