Potentiated Bee Pollen – Learn How To Get The Best Out of Bee Pollen Supplements

Now that bee pollen products are so popular, potentiated bee pollenpeople are starting too look for potentiated bee pollen that provides the maximum number of benefits.

Potentiated bee pollen has long been known as the only product that offers complete potency.

The main problem behind the consumption of these supplements, which are available in the form of granules, powder, capsules and pills, is that very small amounts of the nutrients present in them gets absorbed by our body.

For those who do not know what potentiated bee pollen is, it is actually a special sort of pollen that has been altered or say, blended in such a way that it enables the body to derive the full potency out of it. This is also medically termed as total bioavailability.

Pollen is naturally available in the form of granules, and most of the times, these are sold in this very way. Of course, after they have been processed and further heat-dried.

However, these are not considered to be as healthy as potentiated bee pollen. The main issues with the consumption of these supplements in the granular form are:

  • Primarily, a large part of the granules do not get digested since they pass through the stomach intact. This obviously means that your body receives the minimum amount of benefits.
  • Secondary, if the pollen that you are going to consume has been thoroughly processed as well as heat-dried, it may be classified as totally safe for consumption. But there’s a downside associated with this. That is, most of the potency present in the pollens has been killed, and it becomes almost like a dead food. This is because the heat-drying process destroys the nutrients in bee pollen.

How Do I Find The Best Potentiated Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen that is combined with special digestive enzymes and synergistic nutrients are known as one of the best possible ways to improve the bioavailability of these supplements.

Furthermore, health experts recommend consuming supplements that have been freeze-driedimmediately after the harvest. This aids in preserving the goodness of the nutrients.

An excellent example of such a supplement is one that comes from New Zealand – Maxalife’s MX Pollen Energy.

Bee pollen that is harvested in pristine areas of New Zealand have shown to be completely free from toxins or contaminants. (This makes it one of the most preferred places for harvesting potentiated bee pollen.)

The supplement we use ourselves – Maxalife’s Pollen Energy from New Zealand – is harvested in these pristine areas of New Zealand and immediately freeze-dried after the harvest, thus making this supplement one of the best bee pollen supplements in the world.

Furthermore, the bee pollen in MX Pollen Energy is combined with beneficial digestive enzymes such as amylase and lipase. This makes Pollen Energy (The supplement we consume daily) capable of providing you with 90% more potency than can be derived from other bee pollen supplements.

Buying a bee derived supplement from a reputed manufacturer is very important. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and suppliers sell supplements where the ingredients originate from high polluted areas in China. (Chinese herbs are good for natural health, but only if they are picked from unpolluted sources.)  These ingredients that come from polluted sources  do not offer nearly as many benefits, and thus are not as helpful. That’s why it is so important to do some research before deciding which bee pollen supplement to go for.


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