Organic Bee Pollen – What’s in It and Why’s It Good for You?

The popularity of organic bee pollen hasorganic bee pollen increased substantially over the years. This is because it is one of the only health supplements that has multiple types of nutrients, ranging from vitamins to minerals. Here, you can learn more about the nutrients found in bee pollen and how you can benefit from them.

– Vitamins: Bee pollen contains all of the essential vitamins. With provitamin A, you can expect to enjoy enhanced vision; vitamin B can help increase the speed of your metabolism; vitamin C is reputable for strengthening the immune system – the list goes on and on!

– Minerals: All kinds of minerals can be found in bee pollen as well. Zinc can ignite brain excitability, thus increasing your learning potential; calcium attributes to strong bones and teeth; potassium is essential for the proper functioning of bodily organs, and iron can help fight off infection.

– Proteins and enzymes: Organic bee pollen also exhibits a strong amount of proteins and enzymes. Proteins are important for the repairing of muscles and tissues, especially after exercise. Enzymes can attribute to the prevention of inflammation and the healing of physical wounds.

Prioritize Quality When Shopping

The benefits of organic bee pollen are very enticing, but it is important that you don’t make the mistake of taking the wrong supplement. The quality of bee pollenis ultimately dictated by environmental factors and preservation methods, so doing a little bit of research prior to shopping is absolutely essential. Here’s how it works:

Pollen is originally harvested by bees – they obtain it from flowers. Humans then use advanced technology to acquire the pollen from the legs of these bees as they are passing through their hives. Think about it – if a heavily polluted environment can cause the bees to exhibit disease, then how healthy can the pollen we acquire from them possibly be? This concept is irrefutable and must be taken into careful consideration.

Also, preservation methods are just as important as environmental factors. When pollen is stored before being made into a supplement, it must be freeze-dried. If it is not, then its nutritional ingredients can become compromised and dangerous for your diet. Suppliers that choose to heat-dry their bee pollen are potentially risking the good health of consumers.

The Organic Bee Pollen Supplement That We Use and Recommend

Thankfully, plenty of research has been done in order to find the right bee pollen supplement. Health experts are currently agreeing on a specific product named MX Pollen Energy. This supplement is made from bee pollen that exhibits some incredible nutritional content.

Maxalife harvests its pollen from the nearly pollution-free country of New Zealand and also freeze-dries it before converting it into supplement form. These two attributes on their own indicate that Pollen Energy is potentially the highest quality bee pollen supplement available.

If you feel like you could benefit from taking organic bee pollen on a daily basis, you can find more information about how to move forward by visiting the Maxalife website here.


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