Natural Energy Supplements –

Which Is Your Best Alternative?


Energy supplements and energy drinks seemNatural Energy Supplements to be all the rage right now.  It is easy to see why: millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic fatigue and other energy-related conditions.  Most of us could use a boost in energy to fulfill our daily commitments.

That is why these products, with tantalizing promises of increased energy and enjoyment, are so tempting.  Well, the truth is that these products don’t provide exactly what you are looking for unless all you want is a temporary boost with a drop in energy later when you will have to just take more and more to stay alert.

On the other hand, there are natural energy supplements to do the job the right way and here we will set you up with the best of the best.


True Natural Energy

Caffeine-based energy products like energy drinks, energy pills, and coffee all have several things in common:

1)  They give a temporary boost in alertness/awakeness.

2)  They leave you feeling “low” afterwards.

3)  They have potential side effects like inability to fall asleep, nausea, dizziness, irritability, vomiting, shakiness, nervousness, inability to concentrate, etc.

4)  You get “hooked” after a while and become dependent upon the caffeine in order to have enough energy for anything.  You feel “dead” when you aren’t on it.

Once you consider these facts, it is a wonder that these products are as popular as they are.  We all know of, and joke about, the side effects of caffeine as if they were unimportant and just a joke.  The drive toward these energy products stems from the want and need of more energy in our society today.  Unfortunately for many, those funny effects like jitters and inability to sleep become real problems later on.

In a more optimistic light, we can realize that natural energy supplements can provide a true energy boost that is longer lasting, doesn’t “drop” you at the end, and avoids all the side effects related to the caffeine supplements.  So what’s the best type of natural energy product?


What Is Your Best Choice?

When asked what is the best energy supplement in general, the response is easy: bee pollen.  Yes, bee pollen.  You are probably picturing the yellow stuff from flowers collected on a bee’s legs and body which is used to make honey.  Yes, that’s the general idea.

Bee pollen and honey have been used for millennia to treat different health conditions.  In fact, bee pollen is known among the extreme health conscious as Mother Nature’s energy booster.  Unfortunately bee pollen isn’t as well-known or publicized as its caffeine-based imitators.

Bee pollen contains a highly nutritious combination of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients which give it the extreme health benefits that it has.  Bee pollen gives you an energy boost that lasts much longer than caffeine-based energy and doesn’t make you “crash” afterwards.  It also has many other health benefits outside of just increased energy including improved immune health, detoxification, increased metabolism, increased sexual health, and stress relief.


Our Recommendation

The bee pollen supplement that we highly recommend is MX Pollen Energy By Maxalife.  This particular supplement contains only the best bee pollen harvested from New Zealand, which means the pollen is collected from natural and clean areas.  The good news is that this is completely opposite from the pollen collected from either the United States, or China.

Unfortunately, the majority of other bee pollen supplements are sourced from these two countries.  We highly recommend Maxalife because of their commitment to natural ingredients and purity, as well as their great customer service.  Visit Maxalife here for even more information.