Is Bee Pollen Safe? – The Answer and More

As a decisive dieter, you most likely often wonder if whether oris bee pollen safe not the supplements you are taking hold any risk, and it is no surprise that you are currently asking yourself the question: Is bee pollen safe?

The short answer is yes, but if it were that simple you wouldn’t be here reading this information.

So why is the answer yes? In general, there are always potential risks and side effects involved in the use of nutritional supplements, but there are just as many precautions and guidelines that, once applied, allow you to reap amazing benefits.

Bee pollen is no different, and once you are first able to identify the rare risks, you can learn how to prevent them.

– Allergic reactions: Your initial step in making sure bee pollen is safe for you is to find out if you have any allergic reactions to it. The best way you can go about this is to sample bee pollen before incorporating it into your diet. To get more information on this process we suggest that you read our article on How To Take Bee Pollen.

– Taking too much: There is always a limit as to how much you can take of anything. This goes for all nutritional supplements, so make sure your regiment includes specific dosages in respect to your age. As an adult, you should never exceed more than two generous teaspoons a day (raw bee pollen) or 1000-2000 mg every day (capsule/tablet form). In regards to children, it is recommended that a doctor is consulted before adding bee pollen to their diet.

– Consider your diet: There is the possibility that you are already taking supplements or medications that are fulfilling the roles that bee pollen would. Make sure you are aware of the nutrition that you are receiving from your current diet so that you know how much bee pollen you should be consuming or if bee pollen is even a necessary addition to your diet.

So, is bee pollen safe? Absolutely. If you take the time to consider the above information, then there is nothing to worry about.

However, where you are getting your bee pollen from is a different story.

Where is Bee Pollen Safe to Consume From?

Even after taking the above precautions, if you are getting your bee pollen from an illegitimate source, then you are putting yourself at risk.

Bee pollen that is not naturally harvested can prove to be useless, if not dangerous to consume. Also, it is absolutely vital that bee pollen is acquired from a location that is undisturbed by pollution and air toxins.

New Zealand is, without a doubt, the safest place to get your bee pollen from. This country is not called ‘clean, green New Zealand’ for no reason! It flourishes with wildlife that is undisturbed by pollution and industrial buildings, therefore making it the most efficient land on the planet in regards to the process of acquiring bee pollen.

Learning More

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For more information on finding the best bee pollen supplements, we recommend that you read our Bee Pollen Supplement Guide for a more detailed overview.


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