Bee Pollen Supplement Guide –

A Natural Way To Boost Your Energy

And Improve Your Overall Health


Bee pollen – Nature’s Nutritional WonderNZ bee pollen guide

Have you ever felt like you were in a slump in the middle of the day and could really use a boost of energy just so you can keep going?

If so, then you are not alone.

Millions of people go through exactly the same thing day in and day out, usually because of a combination of a very busy lifestyle, lack of proper sleep, and inadequate nutrition in their diet.

Most people try to solve this problem by drinking a cup of strong coffee or one of those energy beverages that are so popular today.

The incredibly high caffeine content of these drinks will definitely wake you up but it will also lead to a “crash” later on as the caffeine leaves your body and you feel even more tired than before you had that cup or drink.

In many cases, it will also lead to an addiction to caffeine as this becomes your daily weapon against fatique.

Fortunately, there is another substance that you can take to raise your energy levels, which is even more effective than caffeine, and which is a lot safer as well. We are, of course, talking about nature’s own – bee pollen.

Ever since its natural energy enhancing qualities became public knowledge, sales of bee pollen supplements have skyrocketed. People all over the world have been buying bee pollen in the form of granules, capsules, powders or even syrups. But of course, not all the bee pollen products available today are equally effective, and some can even harm your health over time.

After tons of research and some trial and error, we have found what we believe is the highest quality bee pollen supplement available on the market, but we will get to that later. In the meantime, let us first discuss the various health benefits of bee pollen and how it came to be one of the most popular natural health supplements today.


What Is Bee Pollen Used For?

We’ve already mentioned that bee pollen works very well as a natural energy enhancer, but that is not all that it can do for your health. Following are some of the other benefits that users have experienced after taking bee pollen supplements on a daily basis:

  • Lowered stress levels;
  • Greater immunity against allergies;
  • Faster metabolism;
  • More efficient digestive system;
  • More manageable menopause symptoms for women;
  • Relief from prostate pains for men;
  • Increased sexual vitality;
  • Reduced asthma attacks;
  • Reduced inflammation due to arthritis;
  • Sharper memory;
  • Clearer and healthier skin.

Because of all these benefits and so much more, it’s really not that surprising that people everywhere are trying to get their hands on a good supplement as soon as possible. But as earlier mentioned, caution must be taken when choosing a high quality product.

Aside from the fact that there are a few substandard brands out there that you should stay away from, some people have reported experiencing side effects from bee pollen use in some rare cases.


Are There Any Side Effects?

The truth is that there really is nothing to worry about unless you are allergic to bee stings or “in some cases” to pollen itself. In this case, the use of bee pollen can lead to allergic reactions such as difficulties in breathing, tightness in the chest, hives, flushing of the skin, or a severe coughing fit.

If the symptoms of the allergy seem severe, it would be advisable to discontinue the use of any bee pollen products until you have consulted with your doctor.

On the other hand, some people might experience milder side effects after taking it for the first time, such as nausea, vomiting or an upset stomach. If this should happen to you and you are certain that you don’t have any allergies to bee stings or pollen, what you can do is to start taking very small doses at first, gradually working your way up to the regular dose.

A lot of people find that this method works very well. After a few days, the side effects will be gone completely and they will begin experiencing the many health benefits that this natural substance has to offer.


What Is The Best Form To Take?

There are currently three very popular forms of bee pollen that you can choose from today: granules, powder, and capsules.

  • Granules are quite popular because they are quite inexpensive and very accessible. However, granules have a rather short shelf life. Some people also complain of a somewhat bitter aftertaste. But the biggest problem with bee pollen granules is that it’s very hard for the body to digest, which means that most nutrients will pass unabsorbed, leading to less benefits.
  • Bee pollen in powder form can be absorbed faster but they can be a hassle to use. They are often mixed with fruit juices or other foods, which would not only take a considerable amount of time but also alter the flavor of the food.
  • This is why the best bee pollen supplements that you can use are those that come in the encapsulated powder form. They are conveniently packed in fixed doses and can be absorbed by the body very quickly.


Why Is The Source Of Bee Pollen So Crucial?

People rarely look at the source of the raw materials whenNew Zealand selecting a bee pollen product but this is actually one of the most important factors to consider.

So many bee farms today are found in highly polluted areas, which mean that the finished products they churn out are likely to be contaminated.

The only guarantee that you will be getting a 100% pure bee pollen product is if it was harvested and processed in a pristine environment such as New Zealand, where there is very little industry and where pollution is virtually nonexistent.

It is also crucial that the pollen is freeze-dried immediately after harvesting. This will keep the pollen safe from any contaminants in the atmosphere, as well as preserve all the natural goodness of the substance.

No heat should be used at all during the manufacturing process because this will dramatically deplete the nutritional content, which leads to a much lower quality product.


Why We Recommend Maxalife’s Pollen Energy

Despite the dozens of bee pollen supplement brands on the market today, we’ve found that there is only one brand that meets all the criteria of a high-quality natural health supplement, and that brand is Maxalife’s MX Pollen Energy.

So what makes MX Pollen Energy stand out from the rest of the bee pollen products out there? Just take a look at the following reasons:

  • It is harvested from the South Island of New Zealand.
  • It is freeze-dried right after harvesting.
  • It comes in an encapsulated powder form.
  • It is completely natural and does not contain any artificial ingredients.
  • It contains all the 8 essential amino acids present in bee pollen.
  • It is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

If this list is not enough to convince you of the superior quality of MX Pollen Energy, you might also be interested to know that before encapsulation, it is combined with royal jelly, another natural substance also produced by bees. Royal jelly is packed with vitamins, hormones and amino acids that are all essential for human health.


The 6-Month Money Back Guarantee

Probably the best thing about MX Pollen Energy is that you have absolutely nothing to lose when you purchase the product. This is because Maxalife offers an unbelievable 6-month money-back guarantee to anyone who is not satisfied with the product at all. That is how confident they are in the effectiveness of their products.

When a company does this it really shows how much care and consideration they put into their products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

If you do not feel any difference within 6 months, you can simply get a full refund, no questions asked!


What Are Consumers Saying About MX Pollen Energy?

It’s very important to learn about any health product before you start using it. While the official websites do contain a host of details about these products, the best source of information on whether a supplement works or not would come from the feedbacks of people who had actually used the product. Here are some of what actual users have to say about MX Pollen Energy:

“I used to be unable to spend as much time as I wanted in my garden because I always got tired too quickly. But after I started taking MX Pollen Energy, I am now able to tend to my plants for hours at a time. My garden has flourished since and my neighbors are amazed at the energy I have, even at the age of 64!” Vena J., California

“I’ve been taking MX Pollen Energy for a few months and I absolutely love it. My allergies have basically disappeared and it’s been a couple of months since I’ve even had a cold.” Robert S., UK

“I know there is no such thing as a miracle drug but MX Pollen Energy definitely comes close. After just two weeks of taking it daily, I found that I am able to sleep much better, my energy levels are higher, and I was even able to lose weight!” Sharon W., Florida



All these people surely have something wonderful to say about MX Pollen Energy but you don’t have to take their word for it. Try the product and see for yourself what it can do. After all, you really have nothing to lose.

If you want the opportunity to experience:

  •  Increased energy levels,
  • An increased metabolism;
  • Stop cravings after unhealthy foods;
  • Redress chemical imbalances in the body;
  • Clearer and healthier skin.

Plus so much more, all you have to do is start taking a high quality bee pollen supplement on a daily basis. So, be sure to head over to their website, by clicking the link below, and have a read through their bee pollen page.