Increase Energy – Supplements That Really Work


These days we are often left feeling inadequate.  supplements for energyWe have so many things to do that sometimes we simply become overwhelmed and are unable to even get the basics done in the way that we used to.  It is referred to as energy deficiency or chronic fatigue.  Luckily, there are some ways to combat this productivity-robbing condition.

We will look at some basic things you can do and how “increase energy supplements” can help you get back in the game.


Helpful Energy Habits

First of all there are some basic habits you can get into to help you stay energized.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1.     Keep a regular sleep schedule (aiming for about 8 hours per night).
  2.     Drink plenty of water…yes, straight water not a sports drink or soda.
  3.     Eat a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4.     Get some exercise.  Daily if possible, but remember that some is better than none even if you can’t get a full workout in.
  5.     Avoid stress.  It’s always there, but try to relieve stress by doing relaxing activities.
  6.     Avoid drugs, nicotine and alcohol.


While these are great tips that will help you to feel better about yourself and your energy levels, they are not enough on their own.  Some essential nutrients you will not be able to get even by eating a good nutritious diet of fruits and vegetables.  That’s where nature’s energy booster comes in: bee pollen.


Bee Pollen

To increase energy, supplements generally lean toward the quick, non-sustainable type.  Yeah I’m talking about you, caffeine pills.  These caffeine-based energy boosters are enough to keep someone awake, but wear off after a few hours and then you have to take more.

Another problem is that you start to build up to where you need caffeine in order to do anything, and the amount you need grows and grows.  All of this plus the fact that caffeine has side effects that are detrimental to your health.  No, caffeine isn’t the way to go.  I want an energy booster that leaves my body feeling great and is naturally occurring.

Bee pollen satisfies on all counts.  Bee pollen contains an incredible amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that combine to give it antioxidant and energy boosting effects.  The great part about this natural energy supplement is that it doesn’t wear off like a caffeine pill or energy drink and it won’t leave you feeling “low” or “dead” afterwards.

In fact, bee pollen has other benefits in addition to being a great energy booster.  Pollen also helps with:

  • The Immune System
  • Cancer-Fighting Cell Development
  • Better-Looking Skin
  • Weight Loss

Where to Get Bee Pollen

It would be great if you could just go find any bee pollen product and expect to have all these awesome results.  Unfortunately, many of those supplements do not follow through with a quality product.

In fact, most products on the market contain contaminants caused by pollution in the air where the pollen is harvested.  Some products only contain trace amounts of bee pollen, leaving you with nearly nothing in your supplement that can be of real use.

If you want to really increase energy, supplements like those won’t do it for you.  You need a special bee dervied product with NZ bee pollen and royal jelly.  Maxalife (the company we use for our own nutrition needs) takes their pollen only from the most pristine of environments: New Zealand.  They put their products through rigorous quality testing and are known to provide quality supplements with the best natural health results.

You can find out more about their Natural Energy supplement with bee pollen right here.