Discover Fresh Bee Pollen Granules – One of Many Forms

Bee pollen supplements are known to be some of the most promising supplements in existence because of their substantial nutritional content and fresh bee pollen granules are considered to emulate the ‘raw’ form of these dietary accommodators.

Regardless of what form bee pollen comes in, daily consumption of it has been scientifically proven to benefit human health. However, a lot of people are unaware of the differences between fresh bee pollen granules and their capsule/tablet versions.

– Method of consumption: If it’s not already obvious, you should know that raw bee pollen is consumed differently in comparison to bee pollen capsules and tablets. It is usually kept in a jar and eaten with a teaspoon, but you can choose to mix it in with your food as well.

– Serving size: It’s important to know how many bee pollen granules you should be consuming on a daily basis. It is usually recommended to start consuming it slowly – perhaps half a teaspoon per day at first and then begin gradually working your way up to two full-sized teaspoons per day.

– Taste factor: Bee pollen granules have a very unique flavor. They don’t necessarily taste bad, but one could say that they are slightly bitter. The worst case scenario of eating raw bee pollen is that you may be caught off guard, which is why many people prefer to mix it in with their food.

– Portability and preservation: Bee pollen granules are harder to travel with and must also be preserved in cool temperatures. This makes bee pollen capsules or tablets potentially more appealing to dieters.

Now that you understand the difference between fresh bee pollen granules and fresh bee pollen capsules/tablets, you can consider incorporating the supplement into your diet.

Know the Source!

If you choose to purchase bee pollen from anywhere, you are putting yourself at risk of consuming low-quality supplements.

After much research, it has been shown that New Zealand produces the best bee pollen available – it’s country has widespread, flourishing wildlife and a nearly nonexistent presence of pollution. The flowers and bees, which are the true sources of pollen, are healthy and undisturbed by human influence.

A lot of bee pollen supplements come from New Zealand, but research shows that only one seems to exhibit the important preservation methods.

Maxalife’s Pollen Energy, which is quite possibly the best bee pollen supplement available, preserves the nutritional ingredients of its naturally-harvested product by the means of freeze-drying. Other companies heat-dry their supplements, which ultimately deteriorates nutrition content.

Fresh bee pollen granules are not as well-renowned as their capsule/tablet form alternatives, so it is recommended that you visit our website of choice where you can get more information.


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