Learn Why You Should Only

Buy Freeze Dried Bee Pollen!


Bee pollen supplements are a great way to get freeze dried bee pollen some vital nutrients into your body, and help promote a healthy immune system and reduce weight gain. In fact, it is accepted that bee pollen is one of those rare nutritional superfoods that are almost complete in the vitamins, minerals, and valuable amino acids that they provide.

However, like many other health foods, not all supplements are created equal. Part of the issue is the way in which they are collected, treated and stored.

Freeze dried bee pollen stands out because the drying process locks in the nutrients in a way that regular heat-treatment preservation does not.

For example:

  • heat treatment causes deterioration of some ingredients, and the removal of others;
  • heat treated bee pollen will likely taste a lot worse;
  • long storage times; freeze drying removes water, meaning that the bee pollen will not degrade over time.

So, freeze dried bee pollen offers advantages over other pollen supplements, so which brand of bee pollen is the best?

There are two things to look at – the enviroment that the bee pollen comes from, and the care taken by the manufacturer to harvest the raw product, and then preserve it before sending it off to be turned into a supplement product.

Bee pollen comes from flowers, and is transported by bees, and so the flowers and bees both have to be as healthy as possible. And that means an environment that is low on toxins, and not polluted by industry.

Where Can You Find Freeze Dried Bee Pollen
Of The Highest Quality?

The best bee pollen comes from unpolluted places, such as New Zealand, where toxins are rare, and won’t be passed on to humans through the collection of bee pollen. Many nutritional supplements come from raw materials that are harvested in New Zealand, and are widely accepted to be amongst the highest quality in the world.

To keep that goodness in, the manufacturer should freeze dry the raw product as near to the collection point as possible. Like Maxalife do.

Their freeze dried product, MX Pollen Energy has received wide acclaim from the health food industry, and is as pure and natural a product as you will find.

Maxalife has an excellent reputation in collecting and preserving raw products from the natural world, and building excellent nutritional supplements from natures bounty.

They also have a lot of information about freeze dried bee pollen and the various products that they make from it, on their web site.

It’s well worth a look, to see the number of ailments that bee pollen products can help with, along with the scientific research that backs it up.

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