Floyd Nutrition Bee Pollen – Is This Supplement Your Best Alternative?


Supplements like Floyd Nutrition Bee Pollen, and other Natural Energy pollen products may have some amazing benefits to offer you, but there are some crucial differences between them that are important to recognize.

Before making a decision on which supplement is best for you, it may help to first consider what nutrients can be found in bee pollen and what steps you can take in making sure you acquire them all. There are a couple of vital factors that ultimately distinguish a low-grade supplement from a high-grade one.

Nutrition, Nutrition!

There’s no denying that every bee pollen product out there is absolutely flooding with nutritional content – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins – they’re all there and they all play a collective role in making sure your body stays healthy. It’s important to know what these nutrients can do for your body, so let’s summarize:

Vitamins: A steady supply of vitamins can yield certain benefits that go unsurpassed by other nutrients. Better vision, increased mental focus, a stronger immune system, a faster metabolism – these are just some of the terrific effects of taking vitamins.

Minerals and enzymes: Minerals and enzymes are responsible for the overall well-being of your body – they assist with growth potential, recovery from wounds, resistance to disease, fighting off infection and more. There are plenty of minerals and enzymes to be acquired from bee pollen supplements, but only if it is a quality source. (More on that below.)

Proteins: Protein is important for the healing of your muscles, especially if you exercise often. Bee pollen is packed full of protein so it can be a great addition to a post-workout meal.

So, What’s the Difference?

The benefits of bee pollen are certainly extensive, but what makes one bee pollen supplement different from another? Since Floyd Nutrition Bee Pollen has been the topic of this article, let’s compare the product to the bee pollen source we personally use here…

In fact, our quick comparison below could educate you on the differential.

The bee pollen we consume is a supplement made from New Zealand – a country highly acclaimed for its Eco-friendliness and vast accommodation to wildlife and plant life. The region’s adherence to green laws and low pollution levels make it a great environment to harvest bee pollen from. Floyd Nutrition Bee Pollen unfortunately does not specify where it is made from, making it a skeptical choice for a dieter.

Furthermore, the bee pollen used to make Maxalife’s Pollen Energy is preserved through the method of freeze-drying, which is a great method to employ in order to ensure that nutritional ingredients are retained and unspoiled. If another supplement is made from bee pollen that is heat-dried, it will not be as high in nutritional quality because heat-drying can diminish and spoil ingredients.

Not all bee pollen supplements are fine to take as often advertised, so there are important factors to consider when making raw comparisons. If finding the best health supplement available is something that you are interested in, you can learn more about the alternatives we personally use to Floyd Nutrition Bee Pollen by visiting the maxalife bee pollen pages here.


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