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As a health conscious person looking toEnergy Supplements That Work improve your health and well-being with good food and natural supplements, you probably already know the basics on the subject of supplements.

You know that our bodies need more of certain nutrients than they can get from our regular food, even if we are eating smart.  Sometimes even the most fit and health conscious among us can feel as if they are without energy and can’t keep up with the physical and mental challenges of the day.

Well, we’re here to show you energy supplements that work to improve your physical and mental energy levels to keep you functioning at your best.


Caffeine vs. Nutrients

One of the most popular energy supplements out there is caffeine.  In fact, if you are looking at a product with a label that touts “energy boosting” properties, it is very likely that it contains caffeine in high amounts.  Caffeine does actually give your body and mind a “boost” so to speak.  It will keep you awake as you try to finish a long project, for example, or make you feel like you can keep running when you are dead tired.

The problem with caffeine-based supplements and drinks is that they will only work for a few hours.  It is a temporary boost brought on by the chemical “high” of caffeine.  Your body doesn’t actually have more to give and put into your project, you just feel like you do.  Afterward, when the effect has worn off, you will experience a “low”.  That is where caffeine supplements drop you, leaving you feeling worse than when you started.

It is a cycle that is hard to break because once you are experiencing a low, or you are trying to get something done and feel like you need more “oomph”, you will turn to the caffeine again and again.  Slowly you need more and more of the drug to be able to do anything.  You become dependent on the caffeine for almost anything.

Those of us who care about our bodies realize that we don’t want an outside, chemical substance being our only claim to energy.  We would like our bodies to produce their own energy based on the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that we put in there.

Bee pollen is the best source that I have found for natural energy.  Bee pollen and honey have been used for thousands of years to boost energy and to treat and heal people.  Now, bee pollen is available in small supplements that you can take every day to get a natural boost.  These are the energy supplements that work longer and don’t leave you feeling down afterwards, because they supply your body with important vitamins and minerals.


Which Supplement Should You Use?

There are many different brands of bee pollen available, (and it can be very confusing) but we have chosen Maxalife’s Pollen Energy with NZ Bee Pollen.  They stand above the rest for many reasons including:

  • Freeze Dried vs. Heat Dried – Heating causes the pollen to lose many of its nutrients.  Xtend Life’s process of preserving nutrients means you will get more bang for your buck.
  • No Pollution – Most bee pollen supplements are sourced from the US or China, where the pollen accumulates contaminants because of pollution in the air.  Maxalife sources their pollen only from New Zealand, in areas where the air is clean and clear.  They also thoroughly test their products for contaminants.
  • Great Feedback and Customer Service – If you look at some of the Maxalife health products, you will see positive customer feedback. Since customers have taken the time to comment, you can see that customers are getting awesome results from not only Pollen Energy, but their wide range of health Products too.

In the end, we highly recommend bee pollen and royal jelly as a high quality energy supplement source.  In fact, these are the energy supplements that work as a natural solution to your energy problems.  (These sources will allow you to take back your active lifestyle without having the side effects of caffeine.)  For more detailed information on what these substances can do for your health, click here now.


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