Does Bee Pollen Expire? – Interesting Facts About Bee Pollen Shelf Life

While bee pollen does expire, its ultimatedoes bee pollen expire shelf life can vary depending on which supplement you are taking. It is most ideal for pollen to last for 1-2 years, but you must store it in the proper fashion.

How to Store Your Bee Pollen

– Cool temperature: Always keep your bee pollen in a cool temperature – usually a refrigerator works fine. Keeping it in a warm place can dangerously accelerate the expiration process.

– Avoid light penetration: Be sure to store your pollen in a covered or colored container. If you keep it in a clear or glass container, light will have access to it which can lead to spoilage.

– Freezing: In order to ensure that bee pollen does not expire over a long period of time, you must freeze it. This is only necessary if you plan on preserving it for quite some time. Again, when doing this, make sure that it is kept in a container that does not allow light penetration.

Not All Bee Pollen Is the Same!

A common mistake made by consumers is the assumption that all bee pollen supplements are created equal. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy – different factors have different impacts on the quality of a supplement made from bee pollen.

For one, the health of the bees and flowers is very important. Humans acquire pollen from bees with advanced technology, but the bees first get the pollen from the flowers. Since the pollen is carried by these two separate entities before being in our possession, a region with high levels of pollution can ultimately affect the quality of pollen by affecting the health of the bees and flowers.

Also, bee pollen must be preserved through the proper methods. It is usually best to freeze-dry bee pollen before converting it into a health supplement because it ensures that all nutritional content will be maintained. Bee pollen does expire quite early on if it is heat-dried during storage.

We Recommend Maxalife’s MX Pollen Energy – Discover Why Below…

The most highly renowned bee pollen supplement on the market that we have come across is Maxalife’s Pollen Energy. This product is made from high quality bee pollen that is harvested from the clean, green region of New Zealand. With its low-pollution levels and extensive green laws, New Zealand is perhaps the most promising country in terms of a healthy environment.

Furthermore, Maxalife elects to freeze-dry its bee pollen before making it into a supplement, so the nutritional content is fully retained and safe for human consumption. On top of all that, they carefully blend in the most quality source of Royal Jelly, infuse it with Vitamin C and use special enzymes so their capsules give us optimal absorption rates!

Bee pollen does expire, but it can last for a long time if you are using the right product and storing it in the right fashion – you can visit Maxalife’s-Lifes natural health website to learn even more about the advantages of consuming a quality bee pollen supplement.


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