What’s the Best Way to Take Bee Pollen? – Learn How to Properly Consume One of the Greatest Health Supplements on the Market


If you are interested in learning about the bestbest way to take bee pollen way to take bee pollen, then you must first decide which form of bee pollen you would like to take. You usually have two options in the matter: capsules and raw granules.

These two different forms have two different styles of consumption. The important thing to remember is that you must first start with a low dose (no matter what form you take) and then increase your daily consumption slowly over time. Here are some good guidelines:

– Capsules: Start with 1000 mg per day and gradually increase your intake to 2000 mg per day. This should be done over a long period of time – you never want to exceed 2000 mg per day when taking capsules.

– Raw granules: When eating bee pollen raw, it is most optimal to begin with a daily intake of one teaspoon. As you progress, begin working your way up to two full-sized teaspoons per day.

Furthermore, the best way to take bee pollen when eating it raw is to mix it in with other foods. Popularized methods include mixing it in with your cereal or making a shake with it. It’s raw taste is known as being bitter, which probably wouldn’t be very satisfying.

Many people choose to just stick with capsules because they offer more convenience and you don’t have to worry about taste. Also, it is much harder to travel with raw bee pollen.

Does It Matter Which Bee Pollen You Take?

Yes, actually. In fact, if you don’t take the right kind of bee pollen then you very well could be wasting your time and even risking your health. Once you know the best way to take bee pollen, do your research so you can find a product exhibiting the following qualities:

– Freeze-dried: It is absolutely crucial that bee pollen is freeze-dried during preservation. If it is not, then its nutritional content can become compromised. Suppliers that choose to heat-dry their bee pollen are ultimately producing low-quality supplements.

– Harvested from a healthy environment: Make sure that your bee pollen was acquired from an environment with low-pollution. The health of the bees and flowers that make pollen available to us is extremely important.

Maxalife’s Pollen Energy…

Currently, the most highly recommended supplement is Maxalife’s Pollen Energy. The bee pollen used to create this supplement is harvested from New Zealand, which is one of the most Eco-friendly countries on Earth due to its low-pollution. Maxalife also freeze-dries its bee pollen so you can expect it to have very high-quality nutritional content.

The best way to take bee pollen is to take the right bee pollen – you can visit  Maxalife’s website to learn more about how you can benefit from this amazing supplement.


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