What Are The Bee Pollen Benefits For Men?

There are many health benefits that men can bee pollen benefits for men take advantage of by taking a simple bee pollen supplement along with their everyday meals.

Bee pollen benefits for men are not dependent on age, either, as young, middle aged or older men can all benefit in a number of ways:

– Studies have shown that a lack of nutrition may be one of the root causes of prostate cancer: particularly deficiencies in Vitamins B, C and D.

One key source of these vitamins are the so-called cruciferous vegetables, and men who do not eat these several times per week have seen a 40% increase in their chances of developing prostate cancer.

While eating broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables can help, it’s not always an easy task to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins, so taking a bee pollen supplement alongside regular meals, which contains some of the same key vitamins, is an easy way to make sure that you are getting a good daily dose.

– Bee pollen contains amino acids, used to form various proteins in the body, some of which are vital to the recovery of muscles and tissues after a strenuous workout.

This makes bee pollen supplements a great addition to your recovery meal, which should usually be eaten within an hour of your gym session.

– For men who suffer a weak sex drive, bee pollen can also help to reduce stress, which is one of the key factors in reducing sex drive.

The various proteins and vitamins in bee pollen all help to reduce stress levels and increase health generally: it’s not a magic bullet, but it will help!

These are only some of the benefits that taking a bee pollen supplement regularly can help with. But to obtain all the bee pollen benefits for men, it is necessary to ensure that a high quality product is being used.


Why Is It Important To Choose A High Quality Product?

Since the rise of the popularity of natural supplements, bee pollen included, many manufacturers have been filling the shelves with the ‘next big thing’ in supplement science.

However, a bit of basic research will help you understand what to look for in order to make sure that you choosing the best product available.

There are two key things to look for:

  • Environment – where has it been sourced;
  • Processing – how has it been manufactured/preserved.

The environment is very important, as bee pollen comes from flowers that grow in the wild. Bees gather the pollen and return with it, flying through the great outdoors – anything that is present in the environment may well be taken along for the ride!

That include pollutants and toxins, which, if present in concentrated form, will cause you more harm than good. Removing these toxins requires heat treatment, which will damage the nutritional part of the bee pollen.

So, the bee pollen should come from a naturally unpolluted environment, and then freeze dried and put into cold storage thereby locking in all the key nutrients. No heat treatment, and no hot containers.

Health experts and scientists alike seem to have found everything they look for in MX Pollen Energy. It comes from an unpolluted environment (New Zealand) and is freeze dried by the manufacturer, Maxalife, before transport.

New Zealand has great credentials – low pollution levels and an Eco-friendly badge of honour. It is a high quality source of many nutritional products, including bee pollen supplements.

Maxalife has made a site that is full of information about their entire range of products, so you can find out more about bee plllen benefits for men over there, and buy your first dose of MX Pollen Energy!


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