Bee Pollen Vitamins – The Fundamentals You May Not Know About

If you’ve grown tired of trying to figure out whichbee pollen vitamins vitamins you need most in your diet, then your hardships might end here – the amount of bee pollen vitamins found in the various supplements available today is astonishing.

Educating yourself on the nutritional content found in bee pollen could prove to be extremely beneficial.

From One Vitamin to the Next

To remember all of the vitamins found in bee pollen, just sing the ABC’s to yourself (not out loud though, you might irritate someone).

– Vitamin A: This vitamin attributes to your eye’s ability to provide you with both low-light and color vision. In fact, your eyes can’t possibly function properly without it. If your diet is currently lacking in vitamin A then bee pollen could be the right choice for you.

– Vitamin B: Another one of the bee pollen vitamins is vitamin B – it plays an important role in the mechanics of the brain and the nervous system; it’s also responsible for the proper formation of blood and attributes to the process of cell metabolism. Sounds pretty important, doesn’t it?

– Vitamin C: This vitamin is a no-brainer. Vitamin C is the key vitamin responsible for the strength of your immune system, which is important for combating against illness. Bee pollen is packed full of vitamin C, so you can’t go wrong by taking it.

­- Vitamin D: Being well-renowned as a potential cancer fighting champion, vitamin D is one of those ‘last but not least’ nutrients that everyone needs. A recent study published in 2010 indicates that vitamin D is associated with a 15% lower risk of developing colon cancer.

Beating The Odds By Taking A High Grade Supplement


With all of these great bee pollen vitamins, it’s extremely crucial that bee pollen is preserved properly. There is an unfortunate amount of suppliers that choose to heat-dry their supplements, thus deteriorating many nutritional ingredients.

Secondly, it’s important that pollen is harvested in the right environment. Regions with high levels of pollution are not ideal, as the bees and plant life will not be able to flourish naturally.

If you want to get the best vitamin content possible, then you need to go with a supplement coming from the right provider. Maxalife’s MX Pollen Energy is a highly acclaimed bee pollen product that is harvested from the environmentally-friendly country of New Zealand. (It is also freeze-dried during preservation, so its natural ingredients are thoroughly maintained.)

Interested in finding out more? Maxalife’s Website can provide you with more information about bee pollen vitamins.


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