Bee Pollen Shelf Life – Important Things You Should Know

Are you wondering how long bee pollen shelf life is? The short answer is 1-2 years depending on whether or not you store it in cool temperatures, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

In fact, bee pollen may not last as long as intended if it’s not produced and stored in a natural fashion, so it is crucial that you first consider which supplement is worthy of your money.

Bee pollen health supplements are great – there’s no denying that – but knowing the decisions that companies are making in order to contribute to the extension of bee pollen shelf life is a vital fundamental in the grand scheme of things.

Have you been considering bee pollen as a health supplement? Maybe you already take it and are loving the benefits. Either way, there are a lot of factors that separate the quality supplements from the low-grade ones and it’s important that you know about them.

Environment Matters Most

If there’s anything that holds true above all else when it comes to bee pollen shelf life, it’s that you need to be concerned about where your supplement is made from.

This doesn’t mean it needs to come from a certain company – it means that it needs to come from a region that exhibits stellar integrity in regards to its environment.

Think about it – as humans, we acquire pollen directly from bees that harvest it from flowers. If these flowers and bees are not able to reside in a healthy, pollution-free environment, then the quality of a supplement made from the pollen obtained by them is instantly compromised.

Furthermore, even if bee pollen is harvested in an eco-friendly region, if it isn’t preserved through the right methods then it also loses its credibility.

Why? Because nutritional ingredients can be lost if the bee pollen is not taken care of properly. Research shows that far too many companies prefer to heat-dry their supplements, which inevitably dismantles much of the nutritional value that makes bee pollen beneficial in the first place.

It is very important that bee pollen is freeze-dried in order to preserve 100% of its ingredients. Being the most efficient method of preservation, the process of freeze-drying is sadly not employed by the majority of the supplement producing companies out there.

Which Bee Pollen Supplement Should Be Sitting on Your Shelf?

After taking into account the factors that contribute to bee pollen shelf life, it is important to find a company that elects to adhere to certain guidelines throughout the integrity of its work.

Much research has been done in order to weed out the companies that don’t make quality supplements, and conclusive evidence suggests that Maxalife’s Mx Pollen energy is the best bee pollen available on the market.

Maxalife has made the moral decision to harvest its bee pollen from New Zealand, a country well-renowned for its amazingly healthy environment due to low pollution levels and a lack of human disturbance.

Furthermore,Maxalife’s pollen energy is freeze-dried to retain its nutritional content, a method already established as being the only acceptable form of preservation.

If you are truly serious about improving your health through the use of bee pollen, then the extension of bee pollen shelf life is something that should matter to you – visit the maxalife website to find out more.


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