The Bee Pollen Secrets

Did you know that bee pollen secrets are notbee pollen secrets really secrets? The supplement has become highly acclaimed for its contribution to human health and if you feel that its benefits have been kept as a secret from you, then it is recommended that you continue reading!

Bee pollen is packed full of nutritional content that appeals amazingly well to decisive dieters. Here are some of the ingredients you can acquire by taking it:


– Provitamin A

– Vitamin B, C, D, E, K

If there are any bee pollen secrets, vitamin content is not one of them! The vitamins found in these supplements can provide the human body with a stronger immune system, a faster metabolism, better vision and much more.


– Iron

– Calcium

– Phosphorus

– Potassium

You can’t go wrong with a substantial supply of minerals. In fact, your body is completely reliant on minerals in regards to its growth potential and resistance to disease.


– Diastase

– Catalase

– Amylase


– Isoleucine

– Lysine

– Valine

Enzymes and proteins are important for tissue/muscle regeneration and are ultimately responsible for your body’s ability to recover from physical wounds.

With these ingredients and what they can offer to your health being taken into account, the next step is finding which bee pollen supplement is most optimal for your diet.

Harvesting And Preserving – Perhaps The Only Bee Pollen Secrets!

The numerous health benefits that bee pollen supplements yield are not secrets, but perhaps the methods being applied backstage can be considered as such.

Ultimately, the quality of bee pollen is determined by where it is harvested and how it is preserved. Extensive research has shown that supplements that come from New Zealand hold the most value due to the fact that the country flourishes with undisturbed wildlife and a coherence to green laws.

However, not all bee pollen supplements coming from New Zealand attribute to proper preservation procedures. It is very crucial that bee pollen is freeze-dried in order to maintain its ingredients. Surprisingly, quite a few companies elect to heat-dry their supplements, which compromises nutritional content.

Maxalife’s Pollen Energy is the only bee pollen supplement that has been found to both come from New Zealand and exhibit freeze-drying as a preservation method. It is recommended that you visit this website here where you can learn all about their bee pollen secrets.


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