Bee Pollen Prostate Benefits – The Potential Cancer Fighting “Super Food”

A lot of older men have taken comfort in learning that recent healthBee Pollen Prostate Benefits studies have revealed many bee pollen prostate benefits.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death and numerous people around the world find themselves mourning over the death of a family member who has been afflicted with this devastating disease.

Whether you, or someone who is prone to prostate cancer due to age, or even if you are just worried about the health of a loved one – taking the time to learn about the beneficial qualities of bee pollen could prove to be extremely useful for your present and future health.

What Causes Prostate Cancer?

There are many theories as to what causes prostate cancer, but a poor diet is suspected as the root cause. A lack of vitamin B, C, and D has been shown to increase the risk of developing it.

To exemplify, a 2007 study found that men who ate various cruciferous vegetables several times a week were 40% less likely to contract prostate cancer in comparison to men who didn’t eat these vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, are packed full of vitamin C as well as many other nutrients – the same exact nutrients that are found in bee pollen. This parallel has lead scientists to believe that there are many bee pollen prostate benefits.

Medical Studies:

Bee Pollen and Enlarged Prostate

Bee Pollen and Prostate Cancer

The Cancer Fighting Ingredients

You could read an entire list of ingredients pertaining to bee pollen supplements, but if you are more interested in what they attribute to cancer prevention then you will want to focus on their powerful vitamin and enzyme content.

– Vitamin B, C, D: It’s already been established that prostate cancer is correlated with a diet’s omission of vitamin B, C, and D, so with bee pollen flourishing with all three of these, its worth as a cancer preventing supplement is undeniable.

– Enzymes: Cancer research has shown that enzyme defection and negligence can also lead to certain types of cancers that are not just limited to the prostate. A steady supply of enzymes such as catalase, amylase and diastase can be acquired from the addition of bee pollen to your diet.

There’s no ignoring the fact that there are numerous bee pollen prostate benefits, but there is also another important factor at hand and that is where you are getting your supplements from.

The Quality Providers

If taking advantage of bee pollen prostate benefits is something that you are interested in doing, then there are a few things you need to know about finding a high-quality supplement.

First off, it is absolutely crucial that you are getting your bee pollen from New Zealand, regardless of where you live.

Why? Because environment matters. Keep in mindBee Pollen From New Zealand that bee pollen is harvested from flowers and bees, so it’s vital that a region is accommodating to the health of plants and animals alike.

Bee pollen acquired from an unhealthy region ultimately loses its credibility in terms of nutritional quality.

Furthermore, it’s important that a company freeze-dries its pollen before manufacturing it as a supplement. The process of freeze-drying is the most efficient way to retain ingredients – supplements that are heat-dried lose a great portion of their nutritional content.

Extensive research reveals that the product we personally use is a bee pollen supplement that is both freeze-dried during its preservation process and is harvested from the greenest lands of New Zealand. Their website contains a lot of good information pertaining to how their products attribute to the highest standards of integrity.

Don’t waste another second neglecting the importance of a healthy diet. If combating against potential prostate cancer is something that you are serious about doing, whether its for yourself or for a loved one, now is the time to capitalize on bee pollen prostate benefits.


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