Bee Pollen Products – Filling in the Gaps of the Modern Diet

It is no surprise that the modern diet is lackingbee pollen products in terms nutrition, but bee pollen products have become widely acclaimed for making huge progress in our quest for a healthy well-being.

Let’s face it – everyone has trouble acquiring their daily nutrition on a consistent basis. People are busy with their families and jobs, so it’s not always ideal to make time for preparing three perfect meals a day.

However, recent studies have shown that the addition of bee pollen products to the modern diet is perhaps the ultimate ‘gap filler’ that we are all in desperate need of.

So, What Exactly Are These Gaps?

You might be wondering why the ‘modern’ diet is considered so lacking. In fact, there are a lot of reasons, some being more impacting than others.

Fast food – It’s a seemingly popular way to ‘get by’ without having to make a meal. Yes, it’s convenient and you may not eat it very often, but even having it once in a while can severely compromise your nutrition. By basing a single day’s meal on fast food, you are virtually getting zero nutrition during that period of time. No, you don’t have to avoid fast food like the plague, but having the convenience of a bee pollen supplement to compensate for your missing nutrition is something that you may want to consider.

Missing enzymes – Even if you take the time to cook a meal, you are still compromising your intake of enzymes. Food cooked above certain degrees loses an astonishing amount of enzyme content, which means your body won’t be getting supplied with the substances it needs to recover from wounds and heal muscle tissue.

Mining for minerals – It’s usually fundamental to have a steady flow of minerals coming in the body. Many foods have them, but there are some people out there who find trouble even with this. Just like vitamins, taking bee pollen everyday will provide you with a host of minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. These are all nutrients required by the body in order to grow and resist disease.

How Can You Fix It?

Don’t worry. No one’s diet is perfect, but the important thing is that you are taking the necessary steps to start improving yours.

Bee pollen contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins. The exact list of ingredients is very diverse so you want to make sure that you are consuming your supplements carefully.

When you first start taking bee pollen products, take the time to consider what nutrition you are already acquiring from your current diet.

In all honesty, it is highly recommended that you stop taking other health supplements – the nutritional content in bee pollen will account for more than what you are lacking in your daily meals.

The best way to begin is slowly. With capsules or tablets you should start with around 1000 mg per day while systematically working your way up to 2000 mg per day. As for raw bee pollen granules, you can start with one teaspoon a day and then increase your intake overtime to two full-sized teaspoons per day.

Why the Best Bee Pollen Comes From New Zealand

To be blunt, bee pollen supplements that are not made in New Zealand are rubbish.

Now, to be sincere, here is why:

  • New Zealand is one of the most environmental-friendly countries on the planet.
  • The region’s pollution level is virtually nonexistent.
  • Its lands are undisturbed by human industries and other establishments prone to producing air toxins.

So what does this mean in regards to bee pollen products? It means the supplements that you are taking from New Zealand are coming from healthy flowers and bees, which are the main sources of pollen in the first place.

MX Pollen Energy is the supplement we strongly recommended over other bee pollen products. Research shows that the supplement comes straight from clean, green New Zealand and is also freeze-dried during its preservation process.

Freeze-drying is crucial… In fact, it’s a method meant for retaining 100% of the nutritional content of health supplements and Maxalife is one of the very few companies that exhibits its advantages.

Don’t waste time taking bee pollen that is heat-dried – you won’t be getting the natural nutrition that you’re paying for. Take the safe route and visit Maxalife’s website where you can learn more about their bee pollen products and how they can benefit your life.


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