Bee Pollen Or Honey – Which Is Best?


If you are considering using pollen as a healthhoney bee pollen supplement, a good question to ask yourself is “bee pollen or honey?” Much research is indicating that bee pollen is most favorable for a number of reasons.

When deciding on a legitimate health supplement, the important thing to do is to educate yourself on the nutritional content found in the supplements that you’re considering.

In terms of comparing bee pollen to honey, a lot of factors can emerge giving you an obvious answer.

The Fats And The Sugar!

Honey is packed with different sugars, making it not ideal for people trying to lose weight. Furthermore, it has a lot of omega-6 fatty acids which can contribute to an imbalance of unsaturated fats in the body. If you don’t consume fatty acids in equal portions, then you’re making yourself susceptible to acne outbreaks.

Bee pollen has a lot of fatty acids as well, but it has a balance of them. With similar quantities of omega-3 and omega-6, healthy, clear skin is something you can enjoy by taking bee pollen.

The Undeniable Nutrition

When it comes to choosing bee pollen or honey, the nutritional content of bee pollen reigns supreme – it has far more natural ingredients than honey and other contemporary supplements.

– Vitamin A, B, C, D, E

– Minerals including potassium, zinc, sulfur, and calcium

– Various enzymes such as amylase, diastase, saccharase, and diastase

Honey doesn’t even come close to having this much nutritional content – you can’t go wrong with bee pollen.

Healthy Sources – Environment Counts

So, bee pollen or honey? Let’s dive deeper…

Honey isn’t necessarily created through prestigious methods – it goes through a lot of unnatural processing. The great thing about bee pollen is that it you can find supplements that are made in environmentally-friendly regions with low levels of pollution – the ideal places for the bees and plants to make pollen available to humans.

If you are interested in taking the best bee pollenbee pollen vs honey supplement on the market, it is recommended that you consider the bee product we personally use. It is a supplement harvested from the country of New Zealand, which is perhaps the most Eco-friendly environment on the planet.

Also, Xtend-Life freeze-dries its supplement in order to preserve 100% of its nutritional content – no ingredients are lost, making it optimal as a contribution to your diet.

Choosing bee pollen or honey obviously isn’t a complicated decision – research has indicated that bee pollen is the better option and you can find plenty of more information about a high grade supplement at Maxalife’s website.


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