Bee Pollen Granules VS Capsules – Which Is Better?

Bee pollen has been proven time and again to be anbee pollen granules vs capsules extremely healthy food. Nearly every good thing a person can possibly ingest is to be found in bee pollen, and nearly every expert or scientist who has studied this miracle food knows it to be true.

One of the main question people have about bee pollen, however, is which is better out of bee pollen granules vs capsules? How does one know which to choose?

Both of these methods of taking bee pollen are beneficial to your health. Either way, you will be getting incredible benefits to your body and you will feel much healthier.

However, there are certain pros and cons, and in the battle of bee pollen granules vs capsules there is a definite winner. To find out which it is, read on.

Bee pollen in its granule form is the way many people originally learned to take it. It’s simple and easy, and bee pollen granules are available in many places. You simply slip a spoonful into your tea or smoothie, drink it up, and you’ve got all that good stuff in your body.

But what are the downsides?

For one thing, the flavor of bee pollen granule is odious to many people. Some people can’t even stand the smell of the stuff, and those who can usually had to take many years getting used to it. It’s an acquired taste, certainly.

Not only that, but bee pollen granules can be extremely processed to the point that they lose most of their nutrients. In many cases, these types are completely useless to take. Not only that, but they can often swing to the other extreme, as in the case of certain bee pollen granules that come from other countries, where they are full of all sorts of strange contaminates. When taking granules, you always have to be very careful.

Bee pollen in capsule form, however, is an extremely good, safe, and effective method of getting all those nutrients, which in many people’s opinions wins the bee pollen granules vs capsules fight hands down. For one thing, there isn’t that horrible flavor that many so despise in the granules. You simply pop a capsule and your problem is solved. No dissolving in drinks or dry-swallowing.

Not only that, but bee pollen capsules from a good and reliable manufacturer are always guaranteed to be of the highest quality. The pollen, while certainly processed, is done so in a way that all the good nutrients are preserved and all that is modified is the way your body absorbs them. All the nutrients are there without the contaminants, and without the unpleasant flavor.

So in regards to the comparison between bee pollen granules vs capsules, capsules are the clear winner. Of course you can follow your preferences and there are many extremely great bee pollen granule supplements, but if you want safe, clean, and healthy, then capsules are the way to go.

Bee Pollen Granules Vs Capsules Comparison – Which Bee Pollen Capsules Should You Choose?

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