Important Bee Pollen Facts You Should Know About

Bee pollen, has long been a subject studied in our bee pollen factshistory. There are several bee pollen facts which outline clear healing benefits.

Hippocrates, which happens to be the father of medicine, (and contributed a lot to what we know about bee pollen today), believed bee pollen actually contributed to a longer life span.

In fact, as reported by Prof. Nicolai Vasilievich, (an expert biologist from Russia and the professor at the longevity Institute), bee pollen had a direct effect on some people living in their hundreds.

This happened to be specifically true of modern Methuselahs who lived in dry desert like climates and just happened to be beekeepers who themselves ate raw unprocessed honey every day of their entire life.

It’s also Important to note, that bee pollen contains every single nutrient your body needs to live. In fact, many studies have revealed,  that many mice have lived on nothing but bee pollen and did not contain any signs of malnourishment.

Bee Pollen Facts – What Does Bee Pollen Contain?

The fact is that when it comes to sustaining life, bee pollen contains all the nutrients you need and more. This includes high concentrations of the complex B. vitamin, as well as vitamins E, D, C, and A.

It also contains 35% protein, includes 3% vitamins, and also 2% fatty acids. Because it contains the B vitamin which happens to be very complex, bee pollen has also been known to increase energy.

Another clear benefit of bee pollen, is it’s ability to boost your immune system and even detoxify your body.

Furthermore, there have been several trials that indicate it tends to ward off cancer, especially tumors in mice. Be pollen, has been used for years by athletes for strength and endurance.

This also includes professional boxers, which in many cases attribute the extra energy they have during fights to bee pollen.

Bee pollen has also helped a great deal in managing pain (specifically menstrual) and many other irregularities. The studies have been shown many times from Bogdan Tekavcic, M.D., (from the the Ljubljana Center for Gynecology) in Yugoslavia.

For at least two months, 50% of women in this in depth study were given a single mixture of pure bee pollen and also royal jelly, while the 50% were given half a placebo.

In the studies almost all the women administered bee pollen showed clear signs of improvement (in some cases even total recovery). However the placebo showed little change at all.

Bee pollen is also known to protect against allergens that can ultimately cause severe hay fever or in extreme cases even asthma.

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