Bee Pollen During Pregnancy – The Importance Of Having A Healthy Bee In Your Bonnet

Every woman wants the best for their baby,bee pollen during pregnancy but many are reticent to use bee pollen during pregnancy. It is one of the healthiest supplements for pregnant or lactating women.

The vitamins and minerals boost the immune system, while the carbohydrates and proteins give long lasting energy. But when a child is concerned, it is important to research a product before using it.

The Makeup of Bee Pollen – When a bee harvests nectar, pollen attaches to its sticky body. The bee then scrapes off the pollen, mixes it with honey and tamps it down into compartments called baskets.

When the bee returns to the hive, it will feed this “bee bread” or bee pollen to the other bees in the colony.

The Pollen consists of nearly all the necessary elements for a healthy diet; carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The Fear of the StingTaking bee pollen during pregnancy is as safe as taking honey or any other product from the hive.  Most women fear taking it because of the possibility of an allergic reaction in their unborn child.

This is a valid concern, however if the father and the mother are not allergic to bees, then the possibility of the child having a bee allergy is slim. Most people are also only allergic to the venom that comes from a bee sting and not the products produced by bees.

To test for tolerance place a pollen granule directly under the tongue, let it dissolve and keep on increasing up to one tablespoon. If no allergic reaction occurs; continue use. Individuals who are worried about adverse reactions should consult the advice of a physician.

Possible side effects include; tightness in the chest, trouble breathing, an itchy throat, or nausea. These side affects are very rare.

Check for ToxinsMothers may also fear toxins or contaminants being present in bee pollen.  To avoid this issue always buy from a reputable source. The pollen harvested in New Zealand is the purest bee pollen available; it is strictly regulated and checked routinely for pollutants.

Buying freeze dried pollen locks in its freshness and does not deplete its nutrients.  Also, buy pollen that is packaged in opaque bottles to keep out sunlight, which can spoil it.

Bee pollen during pregnancy is a healthy, hassle free way to get the vitamins your body needs, without adding unneeded laboratory made drugs to your diet.

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