Important Facts about Bee Pollen Dosage

Like any other supplement available on the market, the recommendedBee-Pollen-Dosage dosage for bee pollen is also needed.

Bee pollen is available in the form of granules, tablets and capsules and powder. The substance also comes in the form of a honey blend with special bee pollen granules. (That’s why processing and manufacturing techniques may differ from product to product and may significantly differ in dosage amount.)

Correct Bee Pollen Dosage – Starting from a small dose

If this is your first time trying out bee pollen, it is very important that you start with a small and conservative dosage amount. This point remains regardless of the form of bee pollen you’re taking.

You then have to determine the best daily dose for you.

For bee pollen capsules or tablets, it is best to cut off a small piece of tablet or 1/4 on the first day. It is however harder to increase the bee pollen tablet dosage than it is in granule form. On the second day, try to intake half a tablet.

You should be consuming the full tablet after seven days of intake if all is well.

For bee pollen granules, it is recommended to start with 1 to 2 granules on the first day. Take it by putting it under your tongue and letting it dissolve here. Observe your body’s reaction with the first intake. If there is no reaction, double the amount of granules on day two. After the second dose, observe your body’s reaction for a week.

Capsules that are derived from bee pollen are a bit trickier as compared to granules and tablets. In order to test the correct dosage amount, you have to twist open the capsule and dump measure some of its powder content. This powder can be mixed in with any of your favorite beverages, making it easier to intake. Again, increase the dosage after seven days.

Bee Pollen Dosage Guidelines

The recommended bee pollen dosage is said to be 1000mg-2000mg per day with water or juice. For bee pollen capsules, the ideal dosage is up to twelve (12) 500mg per day.

If you are planning to use bee pollen as a treatment for a certain health disorder, you may need to take a higher dosage than the recommended ones daily. Make sure you contact a professional health care provider to determine what dosage will be good for you.

For individuals with allergies to pollen, it is recommended to start taking this supplement earlier. This is to give your body’s immune system a chance to adapt to the presence of pollen compounds in your body.  If you are allergic to pollen, it is best to try a small amount of bee pollen the first times to prevent any severe allergic reaction.

For athletes, the dosage might be 6 capsules an hour before the workout exercise and another 6 capsules after an hour of completion.

There is different recommended dosages for bee pollen as you can see. However, it is important to consult with a medical professional before the taking any new medication or supplement, whether it is natural or not.

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