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So, you might have stumbled upon this website and are interested in learning more about nature’s nutritional wonder – bee pollen?

My name is Johan Petersen and I am the owner and administrator of this website. I personally run this website together with a few other bee pollen fanatics, which are also guest posters here. We have been researching the supplement industry for the last decade and our mission with this website is to give you the best information and advice you can get about bee pollen, its benefits, side effects, and how to choose the highest quality bee pollen products on the market.

The fact is most bee pollen supplements currently being sold today are of very low quality. This is due to companies manufacturing and preservation methods, how and where they source their bee pollen, and of course, their lack of knowledge.

On this website you will learn all about what bee pollen is, its benefits, side effects and what to look for in a high quality bee pollen supplement. You will also learn about the bee pollen supplement that we personally use and have found to be the absolute best on the market – Maxalife MX Pollen Energy.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit and learn about the fantastic benefits that bee pollen has to offer.

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